Client Testimonials

Dear Dr. Laura,

I just want to thank you so much for all you have done for me and FOR my family. Please know that we also thank God for you. Your commitment TO OUR ORDEAL will always be remembered. Your MANY hours spent on the phone with me, as well as your hundreds of texts and emails and many excellent and professional letters are a witness to your diligence as a canon lawyer AND YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE CHURCH.

In closing we are most grateful for your commitment to the Catholic faith and your extreme generosity.

Yours truly,


I greatly value Dr. Laura Morrison’s expertise in helping my wife and I get through the annulment process. I am not a Catholic, but I knew how important it was for my wife to be able to practice her faith. Dr. Laura got the job done and we will be having our marriage blessed in my wife's church. The process might seem overwhelming, but you shouldn’t be afraid with Dr. Laura on your side. She makes what seems impossible – become possible. God Bless her for the work she does! Prayers and thanks Laura! You are an incredible gift to us.

- Bryan

Dr. Laura Morrison was pivotal in helping me navigate a complex annulment process between two countries. Her expertise and attentiveness ensured the quick progression and resolution of my case. Thank you so much and God bless you Dr. Laura!

- Jacob

Dr. Laura Morrison is more than just another attorney. I was broken and on the verge of leaving my faith when I reached out to her for help. I had already received a negative response for an annulment which had devastated me. Then, I found Laura who not only took on my case but helped me resolve and come to terms with issues that I had buried for years. Her guidance and expertise helped me strengthen my case. Not only did she help me in the annulment process but she helped me grow in my faith. My process took longer than normal and prayer led me to reverse course and move my case to the very strict diocese. Laura was always supportive...and always kind. Due to her support, guidance, and unwavering attention to detail, I am so very grateful to say that my case received the positive outcome I was praying for.

There are no words that can express the gratitude and appreciation that I have for Dr. Laura Morrison. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her...she was a blessing from God for me.

- AC, Nebraska

Hiring Laura Morrison was a God send. Brilliant is the best, but inadequate, word to describe her. My wife needed an annulment before she could come into the fullness of the Faith and we could have a Sacramental Wedding. Ms. Morrison was vigorous, caring, thorough and helpful from the first second -- all the time remaining fully ethical and devoted to the Magisterium of the Church. Amazing what she was able to uncover and discern!

Her great and consistent efforts made a difficult process much easier. My own pastor, a Canon lawyer himself and a remarkable man and priest, was impressed.

As a practicing lawyer for over 30 years I was in awe of her abilities, kindness, relational and practical approach; plus her honesty. What she does and how she does it is always done in kindness and deep concern. To my mind one cannot do better than to engage her services. If you are honest and forthright, she will serve you well. If you are not, go elsewhere.

The only questionable part is her fees, as they are much too low for the quality and depth of the work, concern and knowledge she brings. I would hire her before she wises up!

Laura truly cares about her clients, well beyond just them as clients. If you have any questions please call me at 203-855-9713. I will answer them. I can only say, and without hyperbole, that she was God answering my prayers and my wife’s.

- JM, Connecticut

Laura, thank you so much for what you did for me at the Rota. I know I speak for the many unheard Respondents when I say God Bless You for your ministry of this work. I truly do not know what would have happened without you. I am grateful!

- JM

I wanted a true professional to handle my annulment case and Laura was exactly the one for me. She has the perfect combination of years as a civil and canon lawyer and a very strong faith. I felt like she really listened and understood when I shared the course of my life and marriage.

I had my marriage blessed after a civil ceremony while on active duty in the military in the early 80's. To make a long story short, I fell out of the Church through a divorce and later remarried in the 90's without an annulment. I have always felt bad about this but did not know how to navigate through it with the Church. I started the process on my own, but it was hard.

I found Laura's website and called her for help through the Archdiocese handling my case. Laura skillfully assisted me and taught me a lot about the Church and actually the Faith along the way.

I was very happy with the outcome. Soon, I will be able to go back to Holy Communion! I highly recommend her for anybody going through this difficult process. She will help you.

- MB - NE

We are so excited and overjoyed on the outcome of my annulment, of which was looking like an impossible task. Katrina and I cannot thank you enough, and we don't believe anyone else could have pulled this off, especially in the tight time frame needed. Your knowledge, expertise, and positive attitude kept me going when I was about to give up on a church ceremony. You are simply amazing, and we thank you for your commitment and persistence.

- Sal, Northern New Jersey

I would like to start off by saying, Laura Morrison, was a blessing from God…I had been going through this annulment process for 4 years, mostly because I didn’t understand the process and tried to do a lot on my own, stumbling the entire time…I moved out of the state of my archdiocese with my wife and myself feeling at a loss of what to do next…my wife looked on the internet to find great feedback on Laura’s work.

I contacted Laura a few years into the process and gave her all of my background and history and she was very diligent in figuring out the necessary steps based on my case and what action needed to be taken. It was a feeling of losing the faith, but she helped to restore it, as I have been a devote Catholic throughout my life. My wife and I are happy to say after this much time and effort by Laura, I now have an affirmative response and we are so excited to finally be able to plan our Holy Matrimony in the Catholic Church. I would recommend Laura’s advice and professional work to anyone who seeks assistance and direction on their annulment.

My wife and I can’t thank you enough Laura. We really are happy we put our trust and faith in your work!

- Todd & Lori

I would highly recommend Laura as an advocate for annulment cases, my only regret is not knowing her from the very beginning of my petition.

I cannot begin to describe how amazing Laura is in dealing with people, from her words of encouragement and determination to speak to me over the phone, to the well written correspondence that moves the heart and mind of the reader to remember the mercy of our Lord.

Within 48 hours of her contacting the Diocese, I had a most favourable response to my situation. I still have a way to go in the process, but with Laura's spiritual and Canon advice, I feel confident that the process will be dealt with in a supportive manner.

Laura was recommended to me through a client of hers. I wasn't sure she could help me as I live in the UK and she is based on the US, however her response after I reached out to her was supportive and reassuring. Not only could she represent me, she was already formulating a plan of action!

- QG, UK

Laura's assistance was really instrumental in the preparation of my case. Given that I do not come from a Roman Catholic background, have little understanding of Catholic canons, and do not have a priest that I can call on for help, it was imperative that I find someone with the right expertise; and someone I could trust.

Not only did Laura show herself to be extremely well read and knowledgeable expert in the field of canon law, she also exhibited exemplary understanding and empathy. An annulment is a difficult and long journey. You need someone with empathy and understanding to help you through it. Soon after working with Laura I knew she was the right person to help me through this.

I cannot thank her enough for the assistance she has provided to help me get an optimal result.

- James, London UK

As a Respondent to a Petition of Annulment, I realized a year and a half into the case that I needed additional representation other than my local diocese. As I was searching for a canon attorney, Laura Morrison's website appeared, and she responded to me right away even though it was late in the evening. Laura and I bonded right away as I was enlightened by her strong belief and value of marriage including the preservation of the sacrament. Laura went above and beyond through yet an additional year and one half battle with me which included long hours and travel, although she never complained. In fact Laura took great efforts to keep me up as well as focused in my dark moments. Although this process significantly affects one physically and emotionally, Laura's drive to find the truth kept my strength intact. I truly feel that Laura was an instrument sent to me by God; she provided the way to help me get to the truth regarding the validity of my marriage. It was because of prayer, faith, and Laura's perseverance that we prevailed through local diocese decision at first instance, as well as when the petitioner appealed that decision to a higher court. I am blessed to be able to share that after over three years of fighting to keep the validity of my marriage intact, it is greatly due to Laura's belief in finding the truth as well as the preservation of the sacrament of marriage that the preservation remains. With a grateful heart,

- Colleen Gilchriest, Syracuse, N.Y.

I worked with Laura to petition my diocese for Separation of Spouses. She encouraged me to be absolutely honest and forthright with my request and never gave me false hope. She encouraged me to work within the boundaries of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and was quick to respond to my requests. She directed me to church teaching when necessary. I felt confidant that I would not be led astray from my faith which I hold dear and also the commitment I had made to my spouse and God.

- Virginia Dupuis

Laura you will never truly know how much this means to me and to my family!! I can't thank you enough!! You were truly a God-send and I am blessed that you came into my life! I can now come into the fullness of the Faith and we will someday soon receive Holy Communion as a family! God Bless you Laura. I feel like my life has begun anew!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Matt

I would highly recommend Dr. Morrison to anyone who is going through the annulment process. Her expertise and knowledge of Canon Law is exceptional. Although all of our consultations were conducted by phone and email since I live out west, Laura was able to discern the best strategy on how to proceed with my case. Her compassion and "stick-to-it" attitude, along with her expertise, produced a positive outcome for me. I felt very blessed to have Laura representing me.

- Jackie, Utah

I first went through the annulment process on my own with little guidance; the result was a negative decision. All now seemed like a lost cause. After a desperate search for assistance, Laura was recommended by two priests. It was her expertise, persistence, and intervention that resulted in the Tribunal vacating the initial decision, an extremely rare occurrence. Laura was then able to present my case properly, leading to a positive outcome. I cannot say enough about Laura's willingness to help and her steadfastness in a situation that was extremely difficult.

- Peter, Connecticut

After two unsuccessful attempts petitioning for an annulment, I engaged Laura to guide me through the process. I knew I found the right person from my first conversation with her! Laura is a gifted canon lawyer who is professional, personable, and persistent. What I appreciated most about working with Laura was her positive attitude and honesty during a difficult and emotional process.

- Jan, Colorado

After receiving a negative judgment on my annulment, I was advised to get a Canon law lawyer and was blessed to contact Laura. She has walked me through the process, given great advice all the while being very supportive and giving me confidence in the process. I highly recommend Laura to help you through this most difficult process.

- Susan, Alabama