As a doctor of canon law, I provide both Catholics and non-Catholics with advice and representation within the Catholic Church, in cases pertaining to a petition for an annulment - a declaration of dissolution of your marriage bond. Also, in those dioceses which employ the canonical separation process for reasons provided by Church law, I assist parties with petitioning within the Church for a separation of the spouses with the marriage bond remaining intact.

In addition to my years as a canon lawyer in private practice and as a Judge, Defender of the Bond, and Advocate in Church tribunal cases, I draw on my decades of experience as a civil lawyer, including nearly two decades of trial and appellate work, program development for a domestic relations court, and co-authoring a textbook on legal ethics for the world’s largest civil legal publishing company.

Also, my doctoral research and dissertation are devoted to the highly relevant topic of the civilly divorced and remarried and reception of Holy Communion (please click here to see my dissertation PDF)

My paralegal Janet Kiefer has worked for over thirty years in that capacity in civil law in the areas of immigration, securities, tax, litigation and ethics-with an emphasis on confidential communications. She has vast experience dealing with sensitive client issues. She now has a particular commitment to employing her skills in helping persons learn of their status in the Church and assisting them with moving forward in their Sacramental lives.

If you:

  • desire to petition, or re-petition, for a declaration of nullity (an annulment) with a goal of returning to Holy Communion; or
  • can work jointly with the other party at petitioning for a declaration of nullity under the new Briefer Process; or
  • desire to defend the validity of your marriage bond; or
  • desire to have the Church address a petition for a declaration of nullity (an annulment); or
  • wish to respond to one, for your own private reasons; or
  • wish to petition for a canonical separation from your spouse for the reasons provided by Church law,

please invite me to help you. I can also assist you with Appeals to the Vatican, in collaboration with a canon-civil lawyer team based in Rome that practices before the Tribunal of the Roman Rota. And translators in Spanish, Polish and Portuguese are on my staff for support with cases.

If you would like, I am available to address your parish, professional, or civic organization on the issues tied to annulments and separations within the Church.

You are invited to email me (please see Contact page), or call me at 267-366-8258. It will be a privilege to assist you.

In response to the Holy Father’s expressed concerns about the costs associated with annulments my fees are very reasonable. Credit cards accepted. Service fees apply.