Practice Areas

Representation in the Catholic Church tribunal marriage annulment process:

  • whether you are considering submitting, or have unsuccessfully submitted, a request for a dissolution of a marriage bond (an annulment) to a Church tribunal;
  • whether you are being requested by a Church tribunal to offer a response in a marriage (annulment) case;
  • whether you are already a part of a case regarding the validity of a marriage bond (an annulment) in a tribunal process; or
  • whether you wish to canonically separate from your spouse according to Church law, but do not wish to petition for an annulment (participation in the separation process does not preclude any future participation in an annulment process).

These cases often involve delicate issues; for example:

  • a person may petition or receive a request to respond to a petition for an annulment, in the wake of a very acrimonious civil divorce with residual emotional, familial, and financial considerations;
  • a person may participate in an annulment process by petitioning or responding in a tribunal case at any time after a civil divorce, our of a profound commitment to their Catholic identity; or
  • a person may not want to petition for an annulment, but may wish to suspend living with the other spouse for reasons that are set forth in Church law.

We address your cause within the framework of these issues.

One significant distinction between the civil and canon law systems is that the Church process is not designed to be adversarial. In fact, one stated goal of the Church and the marriage annulment process is to ascertain the truth about the validity of your marriage bond. A primary focus in the process is the exchange of consent on the part of the parties at the time of marriage. As your canon lawyer we will work with evidentiary proofs and use out trial, investigatory, and research skills in the Church tribunal setting. We will do this in consideration of Church law, regarding issues tied to the exchange of consent and your marriage.

In addition to Catholic Church tribunal representation of parties we work very closely with parents, alumni and donors regarding the content and manner of Catholic education and formation taking place at Catholic Schools.

Finally, we represent members of the clergy within the Catholic Church.